Best Crypto Gambling Site in USA

There's no better place to gamble with cryptocurrency in the USA than Ignition Casino. Our crypto gambling site has hundreds of games available to play in 45 out of 50 American states, and you can access them by using one of the different digital currencies that we accept - Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Slots, blackjack and roulette - the three most popular casino games in America - are all available, among others, and they pay real cash when you win.

Signing up for an account is easy - fill in some basic information and hit the "Register" button at the bottom of the form. It's free and the first deposit comes with promotional cash. You'll quickly begin to realize how superior the crypto experience is compared to what came before. Promotions are bigger, transactions are quicker, and fees are nominal. It's a big upgrade from the more traditional deposit methods, which are still available, and worth the effort of learning how to get set up with the necessary tools.

The main software requirements for using a cryptocurrency include a digital wallet and an account at a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Both can be acquired simultaneously by downloading a full-service app onto your phone. Sending crypto between a digital wallet and your Ignition account is as simple as inputting the address code for the receiving account. Once the funds appear in your account, all of the casino games on our site are open and available to you. The grass is greener when you bet with cryptocurrency at Ignition Casino.

Ignition your casino crypto stop

cryptocurrencies available on IgnitionIgnition Casino is jam-packed with all of your favorite casino games, and the best part is they're all crypto-friendly. Play a few rounds of blackjack with a live dealer and other players at the table, or play solo on our Online Blackjack page. You can hit up the slots and video poker games anytime for some easy entertainment, and explore the countless other table games and specialty games found on our website. With such an immense selection at your fingertips, we're confident that we have the best crypto casino site on the web, so sign up for an account, grab that welcome bonus, and get the cards in the air.

Cryptocurrency Poker at

Poker attracts lots of crypto players who are keen to take advantage of the generous bonuses offered at Ignition'the best crypto poker site out there. Right off the bat, you get a 150% welcome bonus that's worth up to $1,500 when you deposit with crypto. And the perks don't end there. Once you're rolling with crypto, you can take part in our weekly Crypto Depositor's Freeroll, which has a prize pool of $2,500. Anytime you deposit a minimum of $20 with crypto, a free ticket to this tournament appears on your Rewards Dashboard, so keep an eye out for it as you reap the rewards that come from going crypto.

Deposit Bonuses

One of the biggest reasons to go crypto for online casino gaming is for the crypto deposit bonuses. It's no secret that the best bonuses on the market are reserved for crypto players, including our welcome promotion and weekly boost. By redeeming bonus codes when you deposit with cryptocurrency, you can get up to $1,000 per weekly boost through a 100% match bonus, and up to $3,000 in welcome bonuses that go towards both poker and casino gaming.

A credit card may be more convenient up front, but the payoff just doesn't compare with what's available to crypto players. Make sure you're part of the exclusive crypto group next time you deposit at Ignition Casino.

Faster Deposits and Withdrawals

crypto chip with cards and dice around itDepositing with a cryptocurrency is simple at Ignition Casino. Once logged in to your Ignition account, locate the "Deposit" button under your profile icon and select the coin you wish to deposit with from the list of options. A digital address code connected to your Ignition account will appear for you to copy and paste into your digital wallet when you go to "Send" cryptocurrency.


Withdrawing is the same process as depositing but in reverse. You submit a request to withdraw some, or all, of your bankroll from your Ignition account, and you'll be asked to select the withdrawal method you want. There are several different cryptocurrencies that you can choose from; after selecting the one you want, paste in your digital wallet's address code'you can find it by following the steps to "Receive/Request" crypto in your wallet.


Mobile Crypto Casino

All of the games at Ignition Casino can be played when you use cryptocurrency to deposit funds and they can be played right on your phone. There's no app to download for mobile play; simply type into your phone's web browser, and our mobile site will load automatically.


Then, you log in to your account and launch a game with your phone in "Landscape" mode for optimal viewing. To reach certain game menus, you'll need to swipe left or right on your screen. Other than that, the gameplay is identical to what you experience from a desktop or computer'only it's way more convenient on your smartphone.