The days of the one-armed bandit are long behind us. Sure, it’s nice to pull the lever on an old-fashioned machine now and then, but today’s slots are all about engagement. And the folks at Rival Powered have really outdone themselves with their line of i-Slots. At press time, 22 of these i-Slots are available at Ignition Casino, each with an engaging storyline that adds to the game’s entertainment value – and skill level, too.

That’s right: There’s a skill element to most i-Slots. Most of these games play much the same as your typical slot, with the standard five reels and 15 lines, but in addition to the souped-up storylines, you also get interactive bonus games (aka mini-games) where greater skill leads to bigger prizes. Consider the very popular Spy Game, which has all the elements you’d expect from the movies. When you reach the bonus round, you have three missions to complete: select a bomb site, evade the guards, and disarm the missile. The better you do, the more money you win.


Not all i-Slots require skills, though. The 5-ree, 20-line Japan-O-Rama has a bonus round that will have you sitting back and playing on a Pachinko machine – the Japanese equivalent of a slot machine. The balls will blast through the machine like pinball, earning you coins as they hit markers.

You Spin Me Round
Two new i-Slots have just popped up at Ignition Casino: Cirque du Slots, and Wild Safari. Cirque du Slots has 25 lines instead of 15, plus an expanding wild in the form of a Green Acrobat whose daring feats get more complicated as you progress from Act 1 to Act 3. Wild Safari also uses 25 lines and expanding wilds; landing three camera symbols triggers the bonus round, at which point, you get to choose three locations to photograph as many animals as possible.

You can give all these i-Slots a spin for free at Ignition Casino by using the Practice Mode. The storylines lend themselves well to cinematic slots like Spy Game, while the mini-games are even more fun when a sports theme is involved, like Heavyweight Gold (boxing) or Hole in Won (golf). Make sure to click on the Pay Table icon to reveal which symbols you need to trigger the bonus round for each game, and don’t be shy about contacting customer service if you have any questions that aren’t answered in the game descriptions.