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Online Specialty Games Overview

All Specialty GamesFor most online gambling fans, classic table games like blackjack and craps are staples - but the Specialty Games menu at Ignition Casino also offers plenty of bang for your buck.


This section of the site spans dozens of different games of chance covering several base game groups - including bingo, keno, roulette, scratch cards, dice games, jackpot games and the unique Thundercrash. For players looking to parlay a small bet into a significant progressive jackpot, casino specialty games are the ticket. Below you’ll find a full rundown of the real money specialty games spread by Ignition Casino.


Real Money Specialty Games You Can Play

With more than two dozen specialty games to choose from, Ignition Casino counts itself as an industry leader. Simply put, you won’t find many other top online casino sites out there offering the same level of variety and creativity when it comes to specialty games.


The first stop on this specialty game tour takes us to the roulette tables, where you’ll find four unique variants:


• American Roulette

• Classic American Roulette

• Classic European Roulette

• European Roulette


This age-old game based on spinning the wheel is still played like it was centuries ago. As the player, your job is to guess where the ball will land along a spinning wheel. That wheel contains alternating red and black spaces bearing the numbers 1 through 36, along with either one or two green spaces reading “0” or “00.” Whether or not you see both green spaces, or just the one, separates the American and European versions of Roulette. The original European wheel has just a single green space working for the house, while the American wheel shows two.


As for the “Classic” variants, this distinction refers only to the graphics and layout you’ll see on screen, not the gameplay and rules. One of the most popular casino specialty games ever devised, bingo is a revered gamble that happens to be enjoying a renaissance in the internet age. All you have to do to play online bingo is place a bet, then sit back and hope to see your card filled in across the correct combinations.


Check out the 11 unique bingo variants on tap at Ignition Casino:


• 30-Ball Bingo

• 80-Ball Bingo

• Amazonia Bingo

• American Bingo

• Bingo Cataratas

• Bingo Goal

• Bingo Ribeirinhos

• European Bingo

• Go-Go Bingo

• Pesca Bingo

• Tribo Bingo


Bingo This list includes the common American Bingo and its 5x5 grid, along with themed games like Amazonia Bingo and Bingo Goal, and even the expanded cards found in European Bingo.


If you’re looking to roll them bones, Ignition Casino is home to three dice games:


• Classic Craps

• Craps

• Roll the Dice


Both of the craps variants are faithful recreations of the classic casino dice game, so you’ll be betting on the come out roll (Pass Line or Don’t Pass) and odds, plus a whole host of exotic wagers. When it comes to Roll the Dice, this update on an ancient Chinese gamble is quite straightforward. With seven betting spaces on board, you need only to guess one or more, then wait to see what the dice have in store.


Finally, the Jackpot Games found on Ignition Casino include dozens of three- and five-reel slots. Sit back and strap in for online jackpot real money slots like Food Fight ($674,000) and A Night With Cleo ($231,000) to take your shot at spinning into a six-figure score.





Most Popular Specialty Games

Online casino enthusiasts tend to match the play found at brick and mortar establishments, so slots, bingo, and keno rank among the most popular specialty games. One thing all of these games have in common is simplicity, which allows players with little to no experience a chance to enjoy the action. Gamblers are always looking for their number to come in, and at Ignition Casino, several dozen specialty games make that easier than ever.



Dice games

How to Win Online Casino Specialty Games

The key to winning at real money specialty games is all about understanding the odds and probabilities. The game of craps is known for longshot wagers like the “hard way,” but you don’t have to take the hard road. Instead, focus on the low house edge base bet known as the Pass Line, which is one of the most favorable wagers found in any casino.


If you prefer to play online bingo, research the link between card count and expected return. As you’ll learn, bingo players benefit immensely from having more than one card to count on. Whichever specialty game you call your own, however, common sense and caution can combine for the most profitable strategy of all.


Strategy and Tips

The concept of strategy is usually associated with skill-based decision making, but specialty games are all about random chance. With that in mind, the most effective strategy tip to keep in mind involves prudent bankroll management. Play within your means, and try to capitalize on low-risk, high-reward spots like the odds bet in craps, 8-number cards in keno, or column bets in roulette.


Specialty Games FAQ


Why are specialty games so popular?

The majority of casino players aren’t pros, so they tend to gravitate towards games of chance. With a well-placed gamble on slots, bingo, keno, or roulette, all it takes is a little luck to turn a few bucks into a fortune.


How are the jackpots calculated?

Depending on the slot game, you’ll be vying for preset or progressive jackpots. A preset jackpot is determined ahead of time, and won’t change. But with a progressive jackpot game, every spin across the site that doesn’t produce a winner adds a few pennies to the prize pool - which grows and grows until one lucky player cashes in.

Do I always lose on zero when I’m spinning the roulette wheel?

Nope, you can place a wager on either the “0” or “00” green space before the spin, and if the ball finds its way there, you’ll earn the standard payout of 35 or 37 to 1.